Develop your own characters supporting the master brand

Children are more likely to spend time with materials with an appealing content and this is why it is a wise investment to work with a universe, developed specifically to cover all age groups and their different needs. Such a universe should typically contain one or more characters supporting your airline brand. Instead of working with “others’” characters and build awareness of them, synergy it is more efficient to build a storyline and universe based on the values and visions of the master brand. You could say that using licensed characters is putting your money in the pockets of others, instead of investing them in your airline brand.



Characters make a difference

We are specialists in creating positive activation for the benefit of a more effective and better airline product – creating kids universes supporting your airline brand. Positive activation of children creates positive brand awareness among adult passengers. Further it increases the rate of returning passengers and their willingness to recommend you to friends and colleagues. Every child on board is therefore a golden opportunity to secure brand experience and building your brand.