Getting the message through
all the way to the front line

Emirates is aware of the importance of performing the same level of service to all passenger groups, across nationalities, age, adults as well as children. That is why the children’s toys and activities were launched, with full attention from the cabin crew.


The challenge

Emirates asked us to come up with children’s in-flight entertainment activities, to entertain children of various age groups on all types of flights. After analyzing the need, specific toys and activities with a fit & match to Emirates values, were ready for launch.
Quite quickly in our talks with Emirates, we became aware of the importance of internal communication, enabling the cabin crew in the front line to get the toys & activities implemented fast, so as to offer this new service to the children.
The challenge concentrated on three key issues:

  • Create awareness of the service
  • Understanding the different age segments
  • Ensure the service to be offered to all children on every flight

The solution

We looked into possible ways for Emirates to reach their goal. Different methods were used:

  • To catch the cabin crew’s attention, we developed super sized posters, which were displayed at an area where all cabin crew pass by prior to flights, departing from Dubai. Once the cabin crew had discovered the posters, short and precise information described this new service.
  • An article was made for the cabin crew newsletter, including more detailed information about the service. The idea was to get the cabin crew member’s attention to a service, which not only would ensure happy children on board, but at the same time, make their work more stress-free and be part of the many factors which create a cabin friendly environment.

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