How to travel with care

Travel is close to hart and we humans love to explore, visit family and friends and see the world. When parents consider their next journey, they have a string of thoughts about the travel, especially for how their children will behave. With the given new ways of passenger travel, parents are concerned for how to protect their children, keeping them healthy and safe during the journey, concerns featured around situations at the airport, on-board the aircraft and for the trip in general.

Our insight working with families and understanding their thoughts and behavior, shows us the travel situation involves an increased stress level with parents.

Little gestures, however, have proven to have a disproportionately positive effect on the parents and can turn stressful situations during the travel into calm and successful experiences.

Adjusting to the new normal of airline travel

We are all adapting to the new situation and learning how to travel with care, which includes wearing face masks. It is an important assignment to ensure children will not be scared when one of the most expressive parts of the body, the face, is covered by a mask and as an airline you have the possibility to assist the parents with a small gesture of complementary face masks for their kids.

Kids love dressing up at home or in kindergarten and are used to wear masks or get their face painted, which they associate with being fun and positive. Being kids’ experts, we at KIDZinflight help airlines develop special kids face masks, designed in positive colors and with expressions which make kids comfortable and secure a positive experience for the children and their parents.