Little Explorers from Iceland

ICELANDAIR have developed a new universe for children named Little Explorers where Anna and Nonni are the two main characters.

The overall idea is that children onboard ICELANDAIR become Little Explorers and together with their new travel partners Anna and Nonni can explore the world. Together they will have many stories to tell from around the globe which they will love to share with their friends and families when they come home.

Anna and Nonni also love to show the children the many tourist attractions you can visit if you should go to Iceland.


The challenge

The Little Explorer program should be divided into short and long haul flight and the items in the bag should cover the age groups from 3 and 7+. As a flag carrier the purpose is both branding of ICELANDAIR as an airline but also an overall branding of Iceland. The families onboard ICELANDAIR shall be curious and interested to see more of Iceland and hopefully comeback someday and spend their vacation in Iceland.

The solution

A gym bag for long haul flight and a pack for short haul flight. Both Packs are full of activities and teaser games for the requested age groups.

The artwork is typical Icelandic but yet for children. The theme is Iceland and all the exciting things you can do and explorer in Iceland – from the Blue Lagoon to National Parks and much more. Iceland is a real “playground” for children – an exciting world to explorer together with the two characters Anna and Nonni.


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