The ideal way to reach the target group at an optimal cost

Due to Jetair’s role as a tour operator in Belgium, Efteling already works with Jetair. This partnership developed into a co-branding project, which turned out to be a unique opportunity to reach their common target group onboard.

The challenge

The main challenges were to create unique inflight items which:

  • Create awareness of Efteling while having a good time on a Jetair plane
  • Make the target group want to visit Efteling during their stay in Belgium
  • Ensure that the target group wants to visit Belgium again with Jetair

The solution

Efteling and Jetair decided to distribute the original UNISET Magic Sticker Set onboard. The artwork theme is Efteling Amusement Park with Jetair branding. That way, a unique marketing tool was created at an attractive cost for both partners.


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