Light weighting is essential

The airline industry exists in an intensely competitive market for the benefit of the passengers. As a result of this, more people are travelling with airlines every day and families are taking over relatively more seats. But at the same time, the public opinion is focused on environmental issues such as fuel consumption in the aviation industry.

At KIDZinflight we know how to create a positive activation of children onboard to ensure less troubles for the parents and the crew – and an overall better cabin environment during the flight. It is in our DNA to do this in an eco-friendly way. This is why we can offer kids activities at a weigh of only 0,12 grams each with a potential positive impact for the family and all the pax sitting around.

For every 0.45 kg lost in weight a plane saves 53 K liters of fuel a year
By removing one olive from each of its inflight salads, American Airlines reportedly cut costs by $40,000 a year. The airline said at the time that this not only saved on the cost of olives but on the weight of each plane. Carriers like British Airways and United now print their inflight magazine on lighter paper and Thomas Cook Airlines no longer prints receipts for inflight purchases.

We make green and eco-friendly kids concepts

All our kids activities are made of FSC certified paper, which ensures that the paper comes from sustainable sources. We have always been focused on delivering the highest standard in all we do, and therefore it is natural to create light weighted kids items of sustainable materials giving a positive contribution to less fuel consumption and a greener planet.

All airlines companies have a tremendous focus on fuel costs and fuel burns, especially now in an era where the price of oil is far higher than it was three years ago. Fuel accounts for 21 cents in every dollar spent by airlines, so all players in the aviation industry are constantly thinking up new ways to go light weight.