Make corporate branding fun
and appealing for Kids

Royal Jordanian’s mission is to ensure that their passengers always recommend the airline, which is why they wish to provide a seamless travel experience characterised by exceptional customer care at all times.

The challenge

The three main challenges in creating the new Royal Jordanian children concept was to:

  • Capture the uniqueness of Royal Jordanian’s corporate brand identity
  • Create a child entertainment concept that supports Royal Jordanian’s brand values
  • Bring exceptional dimension to onboard service for children

The solution

Together with Royal Jordanian, our creative team decided the best way to entertain children travelling with Royal Jordanian, was to divide them into three age groups:

  • 0-2 years,
  • 3-6 years and
  • 7-11 years.

A line of toys and activities that are magically entertaining – as well as educational, were selected and created for each segment.
The “Bubbly Royal Fun” concept generates a new level of service on board. Royal Jordanian has launched a new concept to reach out to passengers, a unique tool that communicates brand values and creates brand preference among existing and future frequent flyers.


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