A narrow program with a broad appeal

Sun Express has used KIDZinflight’s product for many years with a great success. Since the first introduction onboard, they have received many positive responses from travellers, despite a relatively narrow program.

SunExpress challenged KIDZinflight to expand the appeal of the present program to a broader age group – still with one single item only.

The challenge

Weight, space and logistics are potentially equal to extra costs for any airline. Thus SunExpress decided to continue with a narrow program.

Due to positive feedback from the cabin crew and the passengers, SunExpress had realised the potential upside of an extended child program. The main challenges were to create:

  • One item for children age 3 – 9
  • A light weight item
  • An item that reflects the image of SunExpress as a charter airline

The solution

By adding an insertion to the original UNISET Magic Sticker set, KIDZinflight created a powerful child onboard product. The insert is a flip-flop folder guide with suggestions for flip-flop games. This extra feature extended the age group from the normal 3-6 years, by adding an additional 3 years.

The Magic Sticker set and the insertion both use the same theme – Summer, Sun, & SunExpress!


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