The demand for satisfaction

Personalization is all about meeting the customers needs more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat purchase. Travellers crave personalization, which provides opportunities every day. KIDZinflight is a specialist in entertainment of children and we develop innovative and inspiring programs to maximize the overall brand performance.

More and more of our clients prefer an integrated solution – based on insights from analysis and customer journey mapping – and our process secure that we work quickly, professionally and focused on the task, for the benefit of our clients and their customers.


Children are an inhomogeneous group

In our aim to be as effective as possibly in all we do, we have been studying children and their way of play. We use focus groups in our work to constantly keeps us updated of what children like and do not like – and what actually works onboard.

Due to focus groups with children we know how to engage and create enthusiasm for different age groups. We prefer, to work on fact and real experience, therefore we involve cabin crew and other stakeholders within the company to secure optimization of our process and a smooth implementation.