What makes a successful kids concept for airlines?

The power of kids

Do not underestimate the power of kids as they have a huge influence over their parents purchase decisions. At KIDZinflight we have a singular focus on children and their behavior – so we know kids better than most.

We enable your brand to take children by the hand and the parents by their hearts. We know how to create a positive activation program for children onboard, but also before and after the flight since we do customer journey mapping, with the perspective of a child.

Evaluate and innovate

To secure and optimize the brand experience KIDZinflight offer you to facilitate a workshop, to evaluate the present program and establish a standard for future material. Innovation is less about process or culture, than it is about solid know-how and further, innovation is all about challenging the present standard and aim for something better and smarter.

As an external expert we can secure the process and drive your organization for a new and better standard.